Red Rose & Gerbera Bouquet

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Two dozen luxury hand tied bouquet

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Luxury Lily Hand Tied Bouquet

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Valentine pail with wicker heart

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True romance in shades of pink

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February 14th! Saint Valentine’s Day! A day of love and romance.

A day to shower the one you love with champagne, chocolates and of course flowers! The champagne must be French, the chocolates must be Belgian and the Valentine's day flowers must be from Willow Floristry!

From traditional rose bouquets to modern arrangements, your beloved’s smile will be from ear to ear when they receive their floral declaration of your undying love!

Delivery or collection, the choice is yours.  Don't forget; there is no charge for delivery to Verwood  (BH31) addresses for orders over £30!

Pre-ordering is recommended to avoid disappointment.


So Why Roses...?

Roses are synonymous with love and romance so it makes sense that roses are automatically associated with the most romantic day of the year!  They are instantly recognised and loved by all.  It's therefore a pretty safe bet that your other half, your significant other, your true love will be thrilled to receive roses!  It doesn't have to be roses though, why not choose your partners favourite flower?  You'll get extra brownie points for knowing their favourite flower and giving them as a symbol of your love on Valentine's day!  

All Roses Are The Same, Right?

Err, no!  Roses come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and even fragrance!  With diamonds, the higher the carat, the better the quality.  With roses, instead of carats we use stem length.  Typically, the longer the rose stem, the better quality the rose is likely to be.  Florists will primarily stock longer stemmed roses, which is why they tend to be more expensive than those you might find in a supermarket.  As with everything in life, you get what you pay for!

Single Rose Or A Bouquet?

A single rose represents one true love and that the recipient is yours.  A dozen roses represents your love for them, one rose for every month of the year.  Two dozen roses reflects your love for them every hour of the day!

Do Rose Colours Have Meanings?

The quick answer  is yes!  However, there is no definitive meaning for each colour and depending on where you are in the world the meaning can be slightly different.  Here is our guide to rose colour meanings

  • Red roses - Love
  • Pink - perfect happiness
  • Light Pink - sweetness & grace
  • Yellow - friendship
  • Orange - Passion
  • Coral - Desire
  • White - innocence
  • Lavender - Love at first sight

Need Some Inspiration?

We have compiled a collection of Valentine's flower ideas in the gallery below.  All our designs are made to order and are all unique so no two are the same. 

If you are unsure, then why not rely on our experience and expertise to help you decide?  Simply give us a call on 01202 914780 or pop in and see us at our shop.  We will happily guide you and help you make the perfect choice for your partner.

We also have a great choice of alternative gift ideas should you wish to send something other than, or of course in addition to flowers!